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What is Santen Publications Plus?

Santen Publications Plus is a hub for medical researchers and healthcare professionals to access and discover Santen peer-reviewed publications in ophthalmology. The purpose of this site is to provide transparency and visibility for medical researchers and healthcare professionals regarding relevant publications in ophthalmology. Santen Publications Plus is not intended for the general public. By using this platform, you agree and confirm that you fall within the research and/or healthcare professional communities.

The publications have been categorised by sub-specialty (back of the eye, front of the eye, glaucoma and other) and technology (pharmacology, drug delivery, gene/cell therapy and other).

Collaboration is key

Santen’s unwavering commitment to ophthalmology has endured for over 130 years. Our mission is to deliver the best vision experience and we understand that collaboration is key to achieving this goal. Santen strives to combine our ophthalmic expertise with external partners’ excellence in technology and academia to provide quality products and services that deliver the best vision experience.

Visit our Grants Portal to find out how you could collaborate with us!

Document number: NP-No product-EMEA-0110
Date of preparation: February 2022