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Reduction of quaternary ammonium-induced ocular surface toxicity by emulsions: An in vivo study in rabbits

Liang H., Brignole-Baudouin F., Rabinovich-Guilatt L., Mao Z., Riancho L., Faure M.O., Warnet J.M., Lambert G., Baudouin C.

  • 2008
  • Molecular Vision
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  • Technology


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    Preclinical development

  • Affiliations

    Department of Toxicology, Faculty of Biological and Pharmacological Sciences, University Paris Descartes, Cordeliers, France; INSERM, UMRS 872, University Paris Descartes, Cordeliers, France; Department of Ophthalmology III, Quinze-Vingts National Ophthalmology Hospital, 28 Rue de Charenton, 75012 Paris, France; Novagali Pharma SA, 1 rue Pierre Fontaine, 91058 Evry, France; Ambroise Paré Hospital, APHP, University of Versailles, Versailles, France

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Document number: NP-No product-EMEA-0110
Date of preparation: February 2022